WENet Service Point Technology
Redefining Wi-Fi Access Point Technology

WENet’s Service Point technology marks a groundbreaking advancement in Wi-Fi Access Points, amplifying the capabilities beyond what traditional access points can offer. Unlike conventional Access Points that only provide basic connectivity, they frequently lack the essential features required to fully harness the potential of Edge Computing in Wi-Fi services

WENet’s ServiceEdge Platform is the industry’s first converged edge platform—a Wi-Fi-based on-premises Edge Computing solution for businesses of all sizes.

Infrastructure is optimized thanks to WENet's Service Point technology

WENet’s Service Edge consolidates network, computing, and storage resources into a single device, optimizing IT infrastructure by reducing both capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX), while simultaneously enhancing application performance and data privacy.

WENet Service Point Technology Drives Digital Transformation

As organizations strive to keep up with the exponential growth of data and the demand for real-time, high-performance applications, traditional networking solutions face significant challenges. This is where WENet’s Service Point technology comes into play, to combine cutting-edge features, edge-computing capabilities, and all-in-one functionality.

Establishing a Reliable Service Point Ecosystem

WENet aims to create a Service Point ecosystem for MSPs/SIs/VARs, enabling collaboration among application and content developers on a shared platform to provide solutions and support for customized and standardized IT projects.

Services Point
Diverse Value-Added Services

Our patented advanced container platform facilitates the creation of a wide range of value-added services, surpassing the typical limitations of Wi-Fi access points. We refer to these as ‘Service Points’.

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