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WENet Vietnam's brand story demonstrates PRACTICAL APPLICATION in bringing technology to the community; COMBINATION AND COOPERATION for development of the new era; WENet has combined world technologies from the United States to develop new technological achievements and provide an open platform for businesses to cooperate and develop; Business as a Services Platform; WENET's solutions help implement digital transformation with immediate, specific, and easy-to-deploy benefits. Bringing Technology into the Community

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Initiative of Ai20X and the Ministry of Science and Technology: WENet is a successful work from the initiative of Ai20X in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology on innovative start-ups, with cooperation initiative and operation development in Vietnam and start-ups in Silicon Valley, taking advantage of the ecosystem and US technology license.

Mr. Tri Hoang is Founder & Chairman of WENet Inc, USA, a company providing infrastructure platforms and interactive media applications to help make digital transformation easy; He is also the founder and CEO of Ai20X, a network promoting innovative start-ups in Silicon Valley and initiatives to bring Vietnamese products internationally.

Mr. Tri Hoang is a technology entrepreneur with experience in building many mature start-ups and merging with publicly traded companies, and he is very passionate about technology, especially building business bridges and technology between the United States and Vietnam.

The story of the history of the formation and development of WENET

As people with experience through the era of technological transformation and recognizing opportunities for technology start-ups that are very suitable for starting with the Vietnamese market and developing to the world, the founders have established WENet company with the goal of providing solutions for implementing digital transformation easily and pragmatically. WENet has been supported and incubated by Ai20X under the start-up initiative in Silicon Valley and operates with personnel in Vietnam.

WENET INC., Joint Stock stock company, was officially established in the US state of Delaware in September 2020. Then, through Ai20X, WENet was licensed to use advanced technology “Wifi as a Service” from Relay2 Inc., a leading company providing WiFi access points with edge computing and a network service management platform called “Wifi as a Service.”. In 2022, WENET Vieetnam JSC was officially established and introduced the pioneering “Business as a Service” platform, including network and application management, which is a solution platform for implementing digital transformation, helping businesses do it easily thanks to the lack of need for IT and low initial investment costs.

WENet also owns the Service Point WiFi 6 product technology (Service point is a device that synthesizes the functions of a service IT department including Wifi access point, router and server, ALL in One) made in Vietnam.

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation infrastructure extension to provide tier-based consumer engagement services including Network-as-a-Service, Application-as-a-Service, and Business-as-a-Service based on customer business requirements. The managed service business model also helps reduce the total cost of ownership without heavy upfront investment and IT support.

WENet provides a platform to implement digital transformation with an open model to cooperate with businesses with applied and professional products from vertical markets.

WENet participates and accompanies Ai20X and NATEC of the Ministry of Science and Technology in programs accompanying start-ups and Innovation Factory initiatives, which are where innovative products and companies are produced. WENet undertakes training and consulting work to build vertical digital transformation products and services for start-up businesses.

WENet Vietnam was born from the initiatives of Ai20X and the Ministry of Science and Technology. WENet Vietnam is a combination of a team of experienced experts and a young generation with the ambition to conquer, following the start-up models of Silicon Valley. WENet Vietnam has quickly developed and become one of the leading companies in the field of digital transformation in Vietnam.

WENet Viet Nam has deployed “service point” devices at many businesses and organizations in Vietnam. This device has helped businesses and organizations apply information technology to their operations, thereby improving operational efficiency and increasing competitiveness.

WENet Viet Nam is continuing to develop platform optimization technology and develop application products and services with partners to serve businesses and the community. The company desires to become a leading technology company providing interactive media services, an interactive network of customer and business communities in Vietnam, and global development.

Beyond Business
Making a Meaningful Impact With Our Partners

WENet is dedicated to empowering its partners with comprehensive and innovative solutions to ensure mutual success through the utilization of Wi-Fi Services with Edge Computing and the WENet ServiceEdge Platform.

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