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WENet Vietnam

WENet is the first company in Vietnam to launch WA600 smart Access Point series for 6th generation Wi-Fi and 5G network. WA600 operates on a cloud computing platform, supporting Government, amministrative organizations, healthcare and education system, enterprises and households to operate necessary applications, helping to access the network quickly without being bothered by interruption, thus providing solutions that were not possible before as well as increasing operational efficiency and maximum cost savings.

One of the factories that manufactures WENet smart Access Point Meritronics Vietnam (MVN). MVN was established on August 14, 2019 from the enthusiasm and wisdom towards the homeland of Vietnamese people who are living far from each other, amidst the vivid picture of technology and global digitization in general and Vietnam in particular, with a vision and mission to serve the needs of using smart devices for each individual, social management and business operation of all sizes.

MVN is a joint venture between Meritronics AMT, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and Vietnamese investors, developing an ecosystem of electronic manufacturing factories and applying advanced technology, packaging from wafer to end product and manufacturing individual products according to customer requirements (OEM / ODM). The factory in Ho Nai 3, Trang Bom, Dong Nai has been put into operation on the technological lines transferred from the United States while the factories in Ha Nam and Lang – Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Industrial Zone are under construction.

MVN’s factories comply with the TCVN system, ensuring safety and manufacturing high-tech products. MVN’s strategic vision is to become a considerable company in the global supply chain for electronic components design and production, diversified in many sectors and industries.

WENet’s goal is to become a leading enterprise in electronic technology in Vietnam, participating in diverse projects in a creative environment. WENet’s mission is to create core values ​​and elevate Vietnam’s technology position in the international market. WENet opens up opportunities for everyone, contributes to the development of Vietnam, improves the quality of life, creates more jobs, connects peoples and love.

WENet Vietnam

Access Point công nghệ Wi-Fi 6 tích hợp 5G công nghệ Hoa Kỳ, lần đầu tiên được sản xuất tại Việt Nam
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