Professional Event Solutions
Streamlining Event Management

WENet's professional event application offers a comprehensive suite of features to support event organization and management before, during, and after the event. Here's a breakdown of the key features

Before the Event 

• Online Check-in: Attendees can register and check in online before the event, reducing wait times at the venue.

• Promotion and Notifications: Send notifications, reminders, and event information to attendees via email and messages, and promote the event on social media channels and websites.

During the Event

• Quick Check-in: A fast and efficient check-in system ensures smooth entry for attendees.

• Real-Time Schedule: Display the event schedule in real time, keeping attendees informed about ongoing activities and notifying them of upcoming sessions or activities.

• Interactive Engagement Activities: Organize games, contests, and interactive activities to boost attendee engagement, incorporating AR/VR technology for a novel and exciting experience.

• Gift Management: Manage the distribution of gifts, vouchers, and other rewards to attendees.

• Digital Map: Provide a digital map to help attendees easily navigate the venue and find specific areas within the event.

After the Event

• Data Collection and Analysis: Gather data from the event for analysis, helping to improve advertising and sponsorship strategies for future events.

• Attendee Feedback: Send surveys and collect feedback from attendees to gauge satisfaction and event effectiveness.

• Event Statistics Report: Provide detailed reports on the event, including the number of attendees, attendance duration, engagement levels, and other key metrics.

WENet's professional event application simplifies the process of organizing and managing events, providing the best possible experience for attendees and maximizing event effectiveness.